sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2016

Cell Combat - Unity3D

Cell Combat is a arcade shooter game in cartoon style, where you are a white blood cell and you have fight vs the diferent types of invasors.

Survive to 10 waves in Normal, or 15 waves in Hard.

2 Difficults
10 Different types of enemies
3 Different Bosses
9 Permanent Modifiers
7 Temporal  PowerUps


A-S-D-W ---------- Move
LEFT CLICK ---------- Shoot
MOUSE ---------- Camera Move
ESC ---------- Pause


The game is make with the engine Unity3D, the characters and scenaries is make in blender, sounds of sonidosmp3gratis.com

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  1. podrias actualizar el juego de tokyo ghoul, poniendole a arima o kaneki kakuja, muchas gracias